Master Python through building real-world applications (Part 4)

To do that, we just have to repeat what we just did.#Make sure you are in the same folder as your main python file#First log in to Herokuheroku login#Fetch your appheroku git:remote –app dhrumilp#Use git to upload all your changes (don't forget the period)git add .git commit -m "Changes"git push heroku masterAnd just like that, you maintain your live website which we built using Python and Flask and Heroku and all the other apps/libraries/dependencies that helped us.End NotesHoly smoke that was a lot of work but we did it..Web development using Python is underrated right now but there are people and companies who understand its worth..Also, not for just websites, you can use this method to deploy your python apps on the web..I think plenty of you might have doubts because this was a long article, feel free to ask all your doubts or give suggestions & feedbacks..My email and Twitter DMs are always open..Also, a lot of people asked for my Linkedin, so here it is.Happy Learning.. More details

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