Running course notebooks on Kaggle Kernel

Running course notebooks on Kaggle KernelPrakash GuptaBlockedUnblockFollowFollowingDec 30Kaggle Kernels offer ML optimized docker environment, Tesla K80 GPU, internet access and uninterrupted 6 hour sessions. Any Clouderizer project can now be run seamlessly on Kaggle Kernels..What this means is our community project for, can now be run on Kaggle Kernels, just as easily..Below are the steps.Following pre-requisite, one time, steps are needed.In case you don’t already have an account, sign up for Kaggle.Sign up for Clouderizer.Login to Clouderizer console..On first login, you will be prompted to link your Google Drive with Clouderizer..Follow on-screen instructions to do so.Now from Clouderizer console, go to Community Projects..Search for template and clone it.On project wizard, select default options on all screens and save.Now every time you need to start notebooks on Kaggle Kernel, follow below stepsFrom Clouderizer console, press Start on project created earlier..This will ask you to select the platform where you wish to run this project..Select “Ubuntu” here..This should show you a bash script to start your project..Copy this script.Select Ubuntu2..Now login Kaggle..Goto Kernels -> New Kernel -> Notebook.3.. More details

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