How to Customize your RStudio Theme (Finally)

To use this font in RStudio, follow these steps:Open up RStudio, if you haven’t alreadyNavigate to Tools > Global Options > AppearanceUse the Editor Font box to select Fira Code iScriptNote that you can install pretty much any font you want by following this process.Install panda themeNext we’ll install the panda theme..Follow along:Navigate to Tools > Global Options > AppearanceUnder the Editor Theme box, click AddNavigate to the panda.thTheme file that you clonedHit OpenNow all you need is a quick restart and you’re rocking a new sweet theme!.This is what it looks like in my system (Linux Mint 19, Dark):Nice!Obi Wan is pleasedMake your own themeIf the panda theme doesn’t do it for you, you can make your own with this online editor..This allows you to make any kind of custom theme you want..You just need to download the theme from the website and upload it to RStudio like we did above.Good luck in your procrastinations!. More details

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