Female black journalists and politicians get sent an abusive tweet every 30 seconds

The study saw 6,500 volunteers from 150 countries help classify abuse in 228,000 tweets sent to 778 women politicians and journalists in the UK and US in 2017..The study examined tweets sent to female members of the UK Parliament and the US Congress and Senate, as well as women journalists from publications like the Daily Mail, Gal Dem, the Guardian, Pink News, and the Sun in the UK and Breitbart and the New York Times in the US..It found that 1.1 million abusive tweets were sent to the 778 women in this period—that’s the equivalent of one every 30 seconds..It also found that 7.1% of all tweets sent to women in these roles are abusive..The researchers behind the study have also released a tool, called Troll Patrol, to test whether a tweet constitutes abuse or harassment..While the deep-learning approach was a big improvement on existing methods for spotting abuse, the researchers warn that machine learning or AI will not be enough to identify trolling all the time..Cornebise says the tool is often as good as human moderators but is also prone to error..“Some human judgment will be required for the foreseeable future,” he says..Twitter has been widely criticized for not doing more to police its platform..Milena Marin, who worked on the project at Amnesty International, says the company should at least be more transparent about its policing methods..“Troll Patrol isn’t about policing Twitter or forcing it to remove content,” says Marin..But she warned, “Twitter must start being transparent about how exactly it is using machine learning to detect abuse, and publish technical information about the algorithms it relies on.” In response to the report, Twitter legal officer Vijaya Gadde pointed to the problem of defining abuse.. More details

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