Top 9 Mobile Apps for Learning and Practicing Data Science

By Andrea Laura, Freelance Writer With a rapid rise in the usage of mobiles and mobile users, mobile apps have taken the place of desktop versions.

Mobile apps have changed the way a particular task is performed.

Now you don’t need to visit a restaurant to order and take away your food, you can do this by sitting at your home by using food ordering apps in just one click.

Users love how everything is so convenient with mobile apps and they can carry it with them everywhere.

People should also use mobile apps to increase their knowledge in any field they are interested in.

There are many apps that offer users to learn about the latest technology and how to use that technology so that it can be beneficial for them in the future.

Data Science the most evolving technology that is changing the world and also how businesses work.

It is the most trending and high paying jobs in today’s time.

It is a very critical job of insights extraction from large data sets.

Technical jobs require proper screens and high memory space to get the tasks done but now many mobile apps have been launched to study Data Science anywhere and anytime.

Before hiring for the development of these kinds of apps businesses should ensure that the mobile app developers have the right knowledge and skillset and have previously worked on similar projects.

Check the list of these top mobile apps for learning and practicing Data Science  1.

ElevateA mobile app that is designed in such a way that trains your brain to enhance your skills.

Your session will consist of 3 sessions per day.

The activities that are selected are chosen on the basis of your performance in the previous day’s activity.

You will be asked questions in the areas you lack.

This app helps you boost your productivity and uplift your skills.

You will only get some limited activities in the free version of the app.

If you want to access more personalized training programs you need to take the premium version of the app.


LumosityA customized game and brain training program to challenge your reasoning skills.

The app helps you improve in areas such as English reading and writing, logical, and mathematical abilities.

These training sessions are very addictive as they challenge you to improve and do more.

In the basic version, you get only 3 exercises but if you want more you can have it by paying some amount as subscription fee.


MathWorkoutNot so good with numbers? No worry, this app assists you to build up your maths skills so that you can do calculations on your fingertips.

Once you start practicing using this app you are surely going to love maths.


QPythonPython is a programming language that is used to do coding.

Python offers Some of the advantages when compared to other programming languages.

Now you can learn this language from the comfort of your mobile phones.

The application is available for Android users.

It is a very high rated app in the play store and is best compatible with python 2.


The app can also execute python codes and documents from QR codes.


Basic StatisticsEveryone has studies basic statistics in their school life.

This app helps users to revise the basic statistics for beginners in Data science field.

Data Science is a mixture of both statistics and coding so the developers should know the basic statistics to derive insights from large data sets.

This app can help developers learn and improve their statistics basics.


Programming Hub A platform loved by developers with a collection of 5000 programs and more than 20 courses.

The app covers many programming languages such as C, C++, C#, R programming, Artificial intelligence, and Java a customer can use and that too free.


Excel TutorialIt is compulsory for a data scientist to know how to use excel.

This app lets you learn beginner and advanced versions of excel.

Users can learn through video tutorials available on the app.

You can even practice what all you have learned through video tutorials in the application only.

Learn excel anytime and anywhere using Excel tutorial.


Probability DistributionThis app is similar to the basic statistics app where you can visualize various probability distribution on your mobile phone itself.

The application is available only for Android users.


UdemyUdemy helps people to learn with over access to 3200 courses and tutorials for different topics.

You can download tutorials and learn.

You need to take a premium version of the app in order to access those videos.

  EndNoteWith a boom in the mobile app development industry, there is a launch of a new app every day.

Users can’t download all the apps on their mobile phones so they should carefully choose the ones that are beneficial for them and which improve their productivity.

Try and spend more time using these applications rather than using social media because these apps will help you to learn and practice data science from the comfort of your home without bearing any cost.

  Bio: Andrea Laura is a very creative writer and active contributor who love to share informative news or updates on various topics and brings great information to her readers.

Being writing as her hobby, Andrea has come out with many interesting topics and information that attracts readers to unravel her write-up.

Her content is featured on many mainstream sites & blogs.

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