Data Analytics: The Present Trend

Well, that’s just one of the numerous instances.

Using data analytics, patients are taken care of in a better and improved way.

It helps in discovering practices that are most effective, cuts costs and health care is improved.

 With the help of health-tracking wearables, the physicians will be able to take a more active role in taking intense care of their patients.

This improves the relation between the physicians and the patients along with lower hospitalization rates.

The low-cost treatments and health care options will also boost people in maintaining their health by doing regular checkups.

Accounting: – Okay, I’ve to break it to you.

Those EMI schemes are not just coming out of the blue.

Such schemes are serious (and much needed!) products of Data Analytics.

To get knowledge about the valuable insights in finance and the different kinds of improvements that can be made to increase the efficiency and in order to manage the risks that may be faced, data analytics is used which indeed plays an important role in accounting.

Accountants use data analytics to form a healthy relationship with many business leaders.

Thus data analytics helps in gaining knowledge to improve finance.

With better analysis of gains and profits, accountants can reshape their ideas on financing.

Travel Industry: – last but not the least (after all, this industry is responsible for a significant portion of GDP in most countries!).

With time, people’s choices are becoming very much personalized.

Like, for instance, you are traveling to a place by flights and do have extra luggage and you want a hotel with the type of food you prefer, type of room you want, number of people; this analysis is what helps the marketers or travel industries to know about your needs and it helps them to find the best of everything matching your preferences.

Programming Languages required for Data Analytics:- Different tools or languages are required for data analytics.

With the increasing importance of data analytics, more and more tools were required to perform the tasks and kept on evolving to give new and different programming languages.

Few tools or the programming languages that are used are as follows:- PYTHON: – Python is an object-oriented programming language which is also an open-source language.

It is used on different platforms like Mac, Linus and Microsoft.

Also being a high-level language Python has a simple syntax that is very similar to the English language.

It is easy to read, write and maintain.

And 44% of data analysts prefer using Python.

R Programming:-  R programming is also an object-oriented programming language that deals with array and data frames.

It is a multi-paradigm and interpreted language.

It includes matrix arithmetic also which further has variables, tables, etc.

It is generally used for graphics and also it’s statistical computing.

It is very simple yet very effective.

SAS language: – SAS language is generally used for performing the statistical operation.

It is an analytical software also used for data visualizations.

Since SAS is a low-level programming language, it is easy to be read, write and understand.

It is easier than Python.

SAS can read data of spreadsheets, databases and also the data encrypted in tables, graphs and in HTML, PDF documents.

Rapidminer programming language: – It is written in the JAVA programming language.

It is a business source, but it still has many open-source parts.

There are various plans of it available in different ways which are costly too.

It helps developers with creating algorithms for data analysis.

It is also great for those who are interested in ‘hacking’ platforms SQL: – SQL (Structured Query Language) in programming is a domain-specific language.

It is generally used for managing given data into a relational database.

It is very user-friendly and easily understandable.

Well, if you want to get a course on data analytics you don’t need to step out and go to classes.

There is an easy way to this problem, that is, you can get many courses available online to learn the above programming languages which can help you become a data analyst.

And if you are not much familiar with programming, don’t worry.

You can start it with the introductory classes of different programming languages such as Python, JAVA, and SQL.

Practicalities of Data Analytics:- Well, with the increasing importance of data science and technology, data analytics keeps on becoming important.

There are so many reasons that it might be profitable to learn data analytics.

This includes: Problem-solving skills: – Well with the knowledge of data analytics, you will be able to solve data science problems and to understand the way it will have its effect on the industry as well as its staff and the customers they have.

To solve problems analytically with the rightful approach is always helpful.

Work you will never get bored of:- It’s hard to believe but trust me you will never get bored while working.

You will always find a new and challenging project around the corner.

Gaining practical knowledge: – While learning it, you are going to get the basic knowledge about what kind of programming is used in general at workplaces.

There’s not much difference in the way you learn and the way you implement it at your workplaces.

Looking at the present scenario, one can conclude that the data analytics study is at its infant stage.

But with the growth of the involvement of data analytics, it will bring more and more opportunities for the people with it.

  Well, you can already see the importance of Data Analytics in the field of business, social media and also Internet of Things (IoT).

It allows many professionals to work and analyze the data.

Also with the coming of Data analytics and data science, there is a growth in the chances of employment with progressive incomes which is a much-needed aspect in our country, as with the increasing mass there is less of outsourcing.

  So in the near future, the development of Data Analytics will bring with it the much-needed improvement for the country as well as various industrial and business fields.

The demand in our I.


sector is increasing at a high rate in our country which is making it important as well as a large hub of outsourcing for foreign countries.

Get Data Analytics Training from a reputed institute to learn A to Z of data analytics.

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