Anne Bonner

NumPy and SciPy and Google Season of Docs, Oh My: Meet Christina LeeLearn more about the technical…The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Data Scraping, Cleaning, and VisualizationTake your model from…What is Deep Learning and How Does it Work?Sit back, relax, and get comfortable with cool concepts…Rewind History with Saturn CloudUnbelievably easy automated version control for Jupyter NotebooksWhat do You Want to See in the NumPy Docs?Behind the scenes at NumPy and SciPy with Google Season of…You Are What You TweetDetecting Depression in Social Media via Twitter UsageHow to Train Your QuadcopterThe beginner’s guide to teaching a quadcopter to fly (with code!)Why is Everybody Talking About the Cloud?The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Cloud-Based Machine…Tips, Tricks, Hacks, and Magic: How to Effortlessly Optimize Your Jupyter NotebookHow to Effortlessly Create, Publish, and Even Share Cloud Hosted-Jupyter Notebooks with Saturn Cloud.. More details

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