Pier Paolo Ippolito

Getting started with R ProgrammingAn end to end Data Analysis using R, the second most requested programming language in Data Science.

SQL For Data ScienceSQL is one of the most requested skills in Data Science.

Let’s find out how it…Interactive Dashboards for Data ScienceCreating an online dashboard in Python to analyse Facebook…Probability Distributions in Data ScienceAn introduction to some of the most commonly used…Getting Started with Augmented and Virtual RealityAn introduction to the different types of Augmented…INSIDE AIStochastic Processes AnalysisAn introduction to Stochastic processes and how…Online Machine Learning with Tensorflow.

jsAn end to end guide on how to create, train and test a…Deep Learning Analysis Using Large Model SupportOptimize your Machine Learning model memory…GPU Accelerated Data Analytics & Machine LearningThe future is here!.Speed up your Machine Learning…Interactive Data VisualizationCreating interactive plots and widgets for Data Visualization using….. More details

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