Getting started with the new Facebook Libra programming language

We barely scratched the surface, next you should probably learn the Move language.

Start hereGetting Started With Move · LibraMove is a new programming language developed to provide a safe and programmable foundation for the Libra Blockchain.



orgThe Libra EcosystemThe Libra ecosystem consists of different types of entities:ClientsValidator NodesDevelopersClientsA Libra client:Is a piece of software that has the capability to interact with the Libra Blockchain.

Can be run by the end-user or on behalf of the end user (for example, for a custodial client).

Allows the user to construct, sign, and submit transactions to a validator node.

Can issue queries to the Libra Blockchain (through the validator node), request the status of a transaction or account, and verify the response.

Validator NodesValidator nodes are entities in the Libra ecosystem that collectively decide which transactions will be added to the Libra Blockchain.

The validators use a consensus protocol so that they can tolerate the presence of malicious validators.

A validator node maintains the history of all the transactions on the blockchain.

Internally, a validator node needs to keep the current state to execute transactions and to calculate the next state.

We will learn more about the components of a validator node in Life of a Transaction.

DevelopersThe Libra ecosystem supports a wide variety of developers, ranging from people who contribute to Libra Core to those who build applications that use the blockchain.

The term “developer” encompasses all of these groups.

Developers might:Build Libra clients.

Build applications to interact with a Libra client.

Write smart contracts to execute on the blockchain.

Contribute to the Libra Blockchain software.

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