10 Great Programming Projects To Improve Your Resume And Learn To Program

What if you could create a website that could help predict what to buy a friend for a gift.

It could allow the end-user to either create an account or just get a gift recommendation.

Again, this allows for the opportunity to create an account which requires authentication, database development, etc.

Also, another great part about this project is you can use Amazon’s API for affiliate links.

This will allow you to do a few things.

One, learn about how to use APIs and get you comfortable with reading API documentation.

Two…hey if you do it well you can get a commission for each product someone buys.

This project also has an opportunity to try to create a basic machine learning model.

You can create a quiz of sorts that tries to figure out what the best gift is and then based on if people click the gift or not can then drive the model to learn based on the response rate.

Skills: APIs, Database, General Programming, App Development, General Programming5.

A Site For Bartering And TradingThink offer-up, but instead of money, why not create a website that only allows trades.

This concept will force you to develop several features that need some thought.

You won’t be able to just attack this project without a plan.

How will people post, where will people find recently posted items and how will people search.

All of these are separate features you can build.

In addition, you need to think how users will interact and maybe even how they actually make the trade.

The idea doesn’t have to be 100% practical for real life, it needs to be practical in the sense of improving your skill set as a programmer.

Skills: Database, Web Development, General Programming, App Development (if you pick to make it an app)B2B6.

Invoice And Contract Management SystemContract and invoice management are very complex processes.

Contracts can have a lot of nuanced clauses and stipulations that can be difficult to track.

This makes this a very good project, even if you simplify it down to some of it’s core components.

Having to translate a complex business process into a software is not easy.

But it is what makes this project a good challenge.

Again, we wouldn’t over complicate this.

Take some basic feature like inputting the terms of a contract and develop this part first.

Then you can add other features like invoice tracking, contract analytics and forecasting.

Skills: Process Management, Database, Web Development, General Programming7.

Task management systemTask boards like kanbanflow are built up of several modular features that make it a great project to play around with.

It will take a little work to get started as you will need to set up a UI that is robust and dynamic as well.

In fact, this project would be more of a two person job.

One person to work on the front-end and another person can work on the back-end.

Don’t let that discourage you!.This is actually a chance for you to work on your communication and team work skills.

You will need to talk through designs to make sure you both fully understand it and you know where your modules will be connecting.

This is always more challenging than it seems.

Skills: Communication, Front-End, Database, Web Development, General Programming8.

A Job boardAny project that forces you to allow users to input as various types of users adds an interesting design aspect.

How will you ensure that the way employers experience the site meets their needs vs.

prospecting job searchers.

Like most of the other projects you don’t need to focus on all of it as once.

Start out by trying to create the ability to create a job posting first.

Then you can go and focus on the job searchers and how they respond.

Skills: Database, Web Development, General Programming9.

A Website That Forecasts Profits Based Off OfThere are a lot of data sets that are very standardized for most companies.

This includes accounting data which is usually based off cost centers, accounts, line descriptions and finally the actual transaction cost.

What is great about the standardization of any data set is that it makes it easy to create analytics on top of said data sets.

Why not create a standardized dashboard that can help companies predict spend, see monthly outliers and possibly help them improve their spending.

For this project you will probably have go spend a lot of time learning about how to make sure you keep your data secure.

Of course we would say first try building the modules that focus on up-taking and standardizing the data and then displaying it before you go to deep into security.

That is a rabbit hole you may never escape!Skills: Forecasting, Business Logic, Database, Web Development, General ProgrammingGame Ideas10.

SnakeIf you had a cellphone in the early 2000s, you have probably played snake.

It’s a simple game but you can always try to make things more complex!.First, start by just trying to make the game.

This will require you to figure out how to develop a this game online.

Here would be a great place to start!.But after that, maybe you can add some cool new features like special-items and maybe special powers.

This would be a chance to play around and have fun.

This project won’t be as technical coming from the stand-point of having lots of users that sign up and use your site.

However, it is a good challenge to figuring out how to make a game run online.

Skills: Web Development, General Programming, UIWe do hope this list inspires you to create an awesome new project that you can add to your resume and maybe talk about in the interview.

Who knows, maybe we will see you as the next CEO of a billion dollar start-up!.. More details

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