Python Top 10 Articles for the Past Month (v.May 2019)

Python Top 10 Articles for the Past Month (v.

May 2019)MybridgeBlockedUnblockFollowFollowingMay 18For the past month, we ranked nearly 1,000 Python articles to pick the Top 10 stories that can help advance your career (1% chance).

Topics in this list: Netflix, Pyodide, Automation, Game of Thrones, Arima Model, Python Mistkaes, Django, Matplotlib, Google Interview, GUI“Watch” Python Monthly Top 10 on Github and get email once a month.

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<Course of the month>A) Data Science: Complete Data Science Training with Python: Mathematics, Statistics, Advanced Statistics & Machine Learning.

[72,115 recommends, 4.

6/5 stars]B) Beginners: The Python Bible™ | Everything You Need to Program in Python.

[63,787 recommends, 4.

6/5 stars]Rank 1Python at NetflixCourtesy of Netflix Technology BlogRank 2Pyodide: Bringing the scientific Python stack to the browser — Mozilla HacksCourtesy of Michael Droettboom and Mozilla HacksRank 3Task Automation With Python: Get my calendar events organizedCourtesy of Kalle HalldenRank 4How I used Python to analyze Game of ThronesCourtesy of Rocky Kev and freeCodeCampRank 55 Common Python Mistakes and How to Fix ThemCourtesy of Corey SchaferRank 6Get Started With Django Part 1: Build a Portfolio AppCourtesy of Jasmine Finer and Real PythonRank 7Animations with MatplotlibCourtesy of Parul Pandey and Towards Data ScienceRank 8Acing the Google Interview: The Ultimate GuideCourtesy of Vincent Russo and ByteByByteBlogRank 9ARIMA Model — Complete Guide to Time Series Forecasting in PythonCourtesy of R TipsRank 10Creating a GUI Application for NASA’s API with wxPythonThat’s it for Python Monthly Top 10.

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