Python vs Pharo

This powerful technique practically eliminates the traditional edit-compile-test-debug cycle that has hampered developers for over half a century.

This is the main reason why Pharo (Smalltalk) is the most productive general-purpose programming language in the world, according to a study conducted by Namcook Analytics.

Python’s best IDE is PyCharm.

While it’s a nice IDE to be sure, there’s no question that it’s much, much larger and more complex than Pharo’s IDE.

It would take a long time to master this program.

And PyCharm doesn’t support live coding.

Productivity and Ease of DevelopmentPython has a reputation for being productive.

Namcook Analytics tell us that Pharo (Smalltalk) is twice as productive as Python.

This is on average.

In many cases, Pharo will be much more productive, sometimes by a factor of five!Plain and simple, Pharo is just much easier to use for programming.

The language and its development environment present virtually no cognitive load on the developer.

EcosystemPython has an enviable ecosystem of libraries.

This is a weak point for Pharo.

Despite this, Pharo is incredibly versatile.

It’s used for many different kinds of applications.

For example, Pharo is very good for web development, thanks to the Seaside web framework and the Teapot micro framework.

Pharo is very good for front-end development, thanks to Amber and PharoJS.

Pharo is good for data science, thanks to PolyMath and Roassal.

Pharo is good for virtual reality:Pharo is good for Internet of Things and embedded programming.

See Learn How To Program.

Pharo is used to script the Unreal game engine:Pharo is being used to fight Ebola!Pharo is used in wide-scale data visualization for medicines in 16 countries.

Pharo is used for natural language processing.

Pharo is used for machine learning and neural network processing.

Smalltalk, in general, is versatile.

The U.


joint military used Smalltalk to write a million-line battle simulator called JWARS.

It actually outperformed a simular program called STORM written in C++ by the U.


Air Force.

Whoa!.That’s mind-blowing!Smalltalk was used by JP Morgan to write their massive financial risk management system called Kapital.

Orient Overseas Container Lines used Smalltalk to develop their IRIS-2 shipping management system.

If Pharo is disadvantaged by its ecosystem, it certainly doesn’t seem to slow it down.

In fact, I think it’s fair to say that Pharo is more versatile than Python.

MultithreadingBoth Pharo and Python can do multithreading, but Python is hampered by the GIL (global interpreter lock), long a complaint of most programmers.

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