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Abdullahi AbdulkabirBlockedUnblockFollowFollowingFeb 3Laravel on subdomain on shared hostStarting to learn a framework looks interesting, but deploying can take several hours as a beginner or newbie.

In this tutorial i will be explaining how to deploy your laravel app on shared host.

First upload your project[folder] to the base urltodo is the name of my laravel projectAfter that make sure you change the .

env values to establish DB connection with your app.

Change the values as appropriateAfter that, setup you subdomain to access your app, ensure you make it point to the public folder as this is where the index.

php is located.

The last thing that made me struggling after following all the instructions on several articles was that the version of php of my shared host is lesser than the version of my laravel app, which made my app not to load at all.

So do ensure to check your host php version.

To do that, go to the dashboard and under software you will find Multiphp Manager.

hereClick on it and it will show you domains and several version.

Click on the domain you point your laravel app to and upgrade to ≥7.


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