Cornerstones of startup business planning: Sensitivity analysisGoing to back designer’s roots: Exploring multiple perspectivesAt work, it can be super easy to fall…Breaking Cryptosystems With Quantum ComputersQuantum computers are incredible feats of engineering and cutting edge research…How I won a free trip to Google | Google Code-In 2018The Other Side Of Rest: Taking Time Off In An Age Of AnxietyWhat no one ever told me about ferocious independence.

It kinda sucks.

Men… We Need to TalkReactions to the Gillette AdA choice we all must makeWill you lead a life of contentment or growth?Architect a Theming System for Reusable Web Components — Part 1A Case For IndividualityWhy society tends to suppress radical ideas that challenges the status quo…Why you should forget everything you’ve ever been told about confidencePart of Gone off: a series…How I’m Learning to Take Criticism ConstructivelyWelcome to adulthood.

Today we had the last official education exam of our life, well for most of us!Don’t think.

Just start typing.

The advice I got from a barista that changed my writing process.

A True Look at The “Modern” School SystemHey everyone!.I’m back again, after a few weeks of being away and listening to a bunch…How I Simplified Checkout with Web Communication ProtocolsConducting a Design Sprint at Alzheimer’s Society.

Part 1: A different pace.

What I Learned After Getting a New PuppyI thought I knew exactly what I was getting into when we brought home our new puppy.

I…Before you quit Social Media in 2019 — read this.

When You’re Rejected for the Changes You Were Hired to CreateNaming your variables!As you know, naming is very important in software development.

We name our variables, functions, classes, packages etc…Oman ultramarathon aka 42hours of running and thinking how do I determine when does one give up?Lessons from my first Remote workOkay so, this is my first medium story and I typed it without looking at the keyboard, I work with…What is this Science thing you speak of?That is ‘just’ a theory, or is it?Testing with Jest and Enzyme in React — Part 5 (Dive with Jest and Enzyme).

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