HOW A 8 LINES OF CODE CAN STEAL YOUR MONEY !VjkBlockedUnblockFollowFollowingJan 20This is my very first blog in medium.

com .

i hope you all will like it !!I will show you a real world example on how it is possible by creating a customized malware Python script .

First lemme explain you all the things that we have used altogether here .

If you know about Bitcoin ,Clipboard ,RegEx feel free to move the page ahead .

What is BITCOIN?Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, or a digital currency, that uses rules of cryptography for regulation and generation of units of currency.

Bitcoin falls under the scope of cryptocurrency and was the first and most valuable among them.

It is commonly called a decentralised digital currency.

Example Of Bitcoin Address :-1AhN6rPdrMuKBGFDKR1k9A8SCLYaNgXhtyIs Bitcoin Traceable ?We cant actually trace who’s the owner of certain bitcoin address but the only way to catch bitcoin wallet owner is by his public address .

but most of the time hackers dont use their own public address to access their private wallets .

What is Clipboard Manipulation ?Everyone use copy and paste often .

In this blog i am gonna show you how can you take advantage of that feature to steal BITCOIN .

What clipboard manipulation exactly means is that we are actually modifying what user is copying and pasting the content that we wanted to paste .

As Simple As That .

What is Regular Expression ( RegEx ) ?Regular expression or Regex for short is a way to search pattern in a big text of data.

RegEx is also used for data validation like secure password, correct email format but it’s usage can be extended.

You can also take your pentesing game to next level with regex.

This pattern will match bitcoin addresses.

^[13][a-km-zA-HJ-NP-Z1–9]{25,34}$For understanding this pattern you dont need to study RegEx throughly , you can use https://regex101.

com/ for testing any kind of RegEx .

PYPERCLIP :-Pyperclip is a cross-platform Python module for copy and paste clipboard functions.

We are gonna import this in our own python code .

Let’s Take A Look At The Code :-What this Code does ?Whenever user tries to copy any Bitcoin address !It simply replaces with your own bitcoin address using the help of the RegEx .

Unless and until it matches the BitcoinPattern(Regex) the code wont be replacing with your own BTC address .

^[13][a-km-zA-HJ-NP-Z1–9]{25,34}$So coming to the point , whenever your victim tries to send someone BTC , usually people dont type bitcoin address they just simply copy and paste in that case this will replace your own bitcoin address instead of the sender’s address .

sounds great ? :DNow you can convert your .

py file into .

exe file and can bind with other pdf , documents and whenever antivirus identifies it as virus make it FUD ( Fully Undetectable ) and use your social engineering skills to move further ! :)This is my first blog post , so your reviews and comments are most welcome .

Code :- https://github.

com/vjkhere/BitcoinStealerSee you with another cool InfoSec blog very soon.

Twitter Handle : https://twitter.

com/vjkhereFacebookHandle : https://www.


com/vjkhereeContact me anytime if you have any problem with that code .

i would love to help you .


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