7 Types of New Years Resolution Tweets

Reading and writing more are pretty common resolutions, so this one didn’t surprise me so much.“One of my quiet resolutions for 2019 is to avoid online discussions about the writing process and instead spend some of that time actually reading or writing.” — SheerHubris“Contemplating life… I want to run more, eat less, laugh more, stress less, sing more, shout less, hear more, speak less, read more, scroll less, write more, text less #NewYearsResolutions #writer #writinggoals” — Grumpy_SENCOLooking to Love Themselves and Be HappierSelf-care and love was another topic for resolution tweets..People have been paying more attention to mental-health over the last year..It did my heart good to see people concerned with taking care of themselves.“new years resolutions: — no swearing — make more friends — be happier — get to healthier weight — do good in my a levels — find myself” — PaizuriRS“new years resolution: to genuinely love myself & continue to have self growth..i’ve definitely grown a lot this year, but i want to continue to be happier, healthier, and become a much more mature individual..to always spread positivity & treat people with kindness, always.” — silhouettehazThat last one touches on the next topic on our list, providing a nice demonstration of the fact that even small texts can touch on multiple things!Loving OthersPeople aren’t just wishing themselves a happy new year, they’re wishing that others have one too!.Although, I’d be lying if I implied that a decent proportion of tweets containing this topic didn’t come from brand accounts.“HAPPY NEW YEAR!.We sincerely wish you all endless happiness & success in 2019..It’s you year, your time is now, go & get it!!!!.Thanks for all your love & support this year..Love Rach & Ry #HappyNewYear #NewYear2019 #NewYearsResolutions” — oppositetravel“Happy New Year!!.Cheers to your health and happiness!!.#behappy #behealthy #newyearsresolutions #getfit #dontwait #livenow #beinthemoment #happyandhealthy #sharingiscaring” — AlohaRushThe Viral Fascist HuntWe take a break from your expected fare to bring you the first part of this analysis that made me go “huh.” The next group of words really had only one tweet associated with it.. More details

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