How you can learn to code in 2019

The TLDR is I wanted to focus on coding full-time and evening work alone wasn’t enough.Founders & Coders was the bootcamp I took part in..There’s no cost to you other than you having to support yourself in London for 3–4 months (which isn’t trivial).Makers Academy is a paid bootcamp..I’ve got friends who have gone through it and gotten great jobs afterwards..Both of the above I can personally recommend.Also checkout Lambda School (US) and General Assembly..I don’t have personal experience of these so again, talk to students who have gone through them and gone onto get jobs afterwards.I haven’t contributed to our main codebase since April 2018 so this is probably the last thing I’ll write on this topic..As CEO at Personably I handle everything but the tech now.I talk through my career path: from law to crowdfunding to coding to founder in this podcast for GeekGirl if you want to learn more.Also mentions in this post for Makers, Founders and Coders, freeCodeCamp and Linh Nguyen My. More details

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