Top 3 Best JavaScript Frameworks for 2019

There is a lot of noise with in terms of available options and developers often need to test the waters by learning multiple libraries/frameworks to determine the best one.Consider the popular State of JS Survey of 2018 that gives an account of the number of libraries that developers are currently using:Although there are many libraries available today, survey results prove that Vue, React, and Angular continue to be the market leaders.Here we have listed top 3 best JavaScript frameworks that you must keep an eye on, in 2018:1..Vue.jsVue became the most popular front-end GitHub project in 2018, a feat that has followed the framework in 2018 with 117k stars and more than 29k forks (at the time of writing)..Created by Evan You who worked on numerous Angular.js projects during his time at Google, Vue.js is a lightweight counterpart of Angular.js and is also proving to be an attractive alternative to it.One of the main reasons why developers love Vue is because it is a progressive framework..This means that it elegantly adapts to the needs of the developer, starting from 3 lines to managing your entire view layer..VueJS can be quickly integrated within an app through the ‘script’ tag, where it gradually starts to explore the space.But Vue particularly works because it picks up the best choices and possibilities that frameworks such as Angularjs, Reactjs, and Knockout provide..This makes it the best version of all frameworks put together in a neat and tidy package that delivers.Let ‘take a look at the pros and cons of developing with Vue.jsPros of Vue.jsSize: This is one of the best highlights of Vue..The production ready build of Vue is surprisingly lightweight — just 18kb after zipping..This provides it with a much-needed speed and accuracy as compared to other major frameworks..At the same time, even the ecosystem around Vue is small and fast as it allows users to separate the template-to-virtual-DOM compiler as well as the run time.Integration Capability: Vue offers one of the best integration capabilities since it can be used to build both single-page applications and complex web applications..Small interactive parts of the framework can be easily integrated with other frameworks/libraries such as Django, Laravel, and WordPress.Scalability and Versatility: You can use Vue both as a library or as a fully-fledged framework..Vue can be easily used to develop large and reusable templates with minimal fuss, owing to its simple structure.Adaptability: Most of the developers who adapt Vue switch to it from other major frameworks..The switching period often comes about to be swift because of the similarity of Vue to React and Angular.Readability: Vue is quite easy to read and understand for developers since functions are highly accessible.. More details

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