My Top 10 Digital Things To Learn in 2019

Some people, though, are trying to build a new digital world, such as with ZCash and Monero, and with methods which allow things to be processed without revealing the original data..If we can build these types of systems we will have properly entered a GDPR world, rather than this fake GDPR compliant world that we have created..[here]Go write lots of JavaScript..Well, I predicted that JavaScript would become extinct as it was just so difficult to deal with..But I was completely wrong, and it was saved by some amazing work in the browser (especially with jquery)..But then it shocked everyone by jumping from the front-end to the back-end, and along came Node.js..And now developers are jumping on-board and building new systems using JavaScript at the front-end and also at the back-end..So, it might be horrible to look at, and it isn’t actually Java, but it is building real systems which do real things..For me, I find a suitable Git repository, and it’s a “npm install” command and a few lines of code, and I’m off and running with my little debug console..In a JavaScript world, we take things back to the basics, and sometimes that works best over the complexity of many other development environments.Learn Pandas and Charting..The world of data is now at your fingertips, and Python and R have opened them up to massive potential for analysis..So my top tip is to learn Pandas.. More details

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