A brief introduction to Data Visualization using Tableau : UNICEF Data

When someone says ELEPHANT, our brain thinks about the picture of an elephant and not the letters of the word  “ E L E P H A N T ”.That is why it is most important to present any information in a visually aesthetic manner, so that everyone can understand even very complicated information easily.Importance of Data Visualization in Data Science ProjectsIn every Data Science / Machine Learning project, exploratory data analysis (EDA) is a vital step in understanding the data in hand..This phase of the project lies at the early stages, just after data is acquired..The data is visualized using graphs and plots to have a better understanding of it and to create some assumptions before proceeding to design statistical models.Also when you need to present the insights you have gained to Non-Data Science folks, a visual presentation is much better than presenting a complex data table.The Data in HandChild mortality data – UNICEF DATAUNICEF Data: Monitoring the situation of children and womendata.unicef.orgUNICEF DataSet PageUNICEF data is publicly available and they are real world data sets..We got the data from the above link..We have used the last file, named “Cause-of-Death-2017”.Direct download link : https://data.unicef.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Cause-of-Death-2017.xlsxData PreviewThe data set has a list of 195 countries and percentages of child deaths(<5 years) in them according to causes of death, for two census years — 2000 & 2016..The excel file looks like this.Tableau : A brilliant tool for creating beautiful DashboardsTableau is an extremely powerful tool for visualizing massive sets of data very easily..It has an easy to use drag and drop interface..You can build beautiful visualizations easily and in a short amount of time.Importing data into TableauTableau supports a wide array of data sources..Here we have used an excel file.Before importing, it is necessary to format the data in a manner that Tableau can understand..After data preparation our data set looks like this.Preview of Data Imported into TableauDesigning WorksheetsI have designed three worksheets using our data set and finally combined them to create an Interactive dashboard.FIRST WORKSHEET: All Country Data filtered by Cause of Death and Census Year1..Cause of Death : Preterm and for All YearsCause of Death : Preterm and for All Years2.Cause of Death : AIDS and for All YearsCause of Death : Aids and for All Years3..Filtered by year : 2000FILTERED BY YEAR : 20004.. More details

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