Sentiment & Influencers

Positive users are color coded green, negative users red, and neutral users gray.Putting it all togetherTo put it all together, a Joiner node joins the authority and hub score with the sentiment score by author.A Scatter Plot (Javascript) node, inside the wrapped metanode “Scores and Sentiment on Scatter Plot”, plots the forum users by hub score on the y-axis, authority score on the x-axis, and sentiment score as color.Notice that the loudest complainers in red have actually very little authority and therefore cannot be considered influencers..Thus, this plot seems to go against the common belief that you should listen and pamper the most aggressive complainers..Notice also that the most authoritative users are actually neutral..This neutrality could well be one of the reasons why other users trust them.The scatter plot view produced by the Scatter Plot (Javascript) node is interactive..By clicking the “Select mode” button at the top of the view, it is possible to select single points on the scatter plot with a single-click or group of points by drawing a rectangle around them.Figure 3..Authors as points on a scatter plot with authority score on the x-axis and hub score on the y-axis..Authors with a positive sentiment score, i.e..sentiment score > (average + std dev), are color coded green..Authors with a negative sentiment score, i.e..sentiment score < (average — std dev), are color coded red..Authors with sentiment score in between are labelled as neutral and depicted in gray..In the upper right corner, there are the buttons for zooming and selection.. More details

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