Building sandcastles and securing WordPress

Ultimately, WordPress will give way to something better.Full, dynamic ecommerce site Stitch Fix is built on Gatsby.WordPress is not best choice for most companies anymore.While the content management UI makes it easy for non-technical users to manage a site, the security problems make it equally easy for bad guys to take over..As a business you have to balance the risk-reward of using WordPress but given the legal and financial dangers, for most business sites I no longer believe WordPress is the right choice.Strong words are needed to call attention to the numerous and growing security issues that mean over 70% of WordPress installations are vulnerable to hackers..I don’t hate on WordPress at all but I stand by my original comments — it is an outdated piece of software with a massive attack surface and an ever-changing list of vulnerabilities..It is a nightmare to manage from a security perspective..As a business, unless you are willing to employ external expertise or internal IT and recognize the complexity of managing it, you are asking for trouble.My biggest fear with the platform is the blast radius is uncontrollable when Bad Things Happen..For anyone coming from the modern IT world where we spend considerable time thinking up ways to minimize the blast radius — because Bad Things Happen all the time — it’s completely shocking..In the next few years, it seems natural that JAMstack alternatives will fill this space but in the meantime if you stay on WordPress, you should expect hackers to give you 100% of their attention..Please at the very least seek the expertise needed to protect your site.. More details

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