Making a Python library — how the ecosystem changed in 2.5 years

It’s called poetry-setup.Oh and you know how there’s new Python versions, would you like to build your docs under python3.7, you know as Sphinx requires you to actually import the code?.Only with conda..What about 3.6?.Let me introduce you to .readthedocs.yml which you probably never knew even existed despite using RtD for a long time..You’ll need to put inside this:build: image: latestpython: version: 3.6 setup_py_install: trueConclusion: WORSETravis CIOf course you’d like your CI to run tests on the newest Python version, perhaps more than on some old version..Well, you can, but it’s not as simple as adding 3.7 to the list of supported pythons in your configuration yaml file..You have to be explicit about linux distro and require sudo in the job: a fun fact, Xenial is not even the newest LTS of Ubuntu, so expect this explicit dist requirement to eventually break, possibly before April 2021 when it’s LTS support ends.Conclusion: WORSESphinxThe golden standard of writing python docs..Maybe it’s just me, but Sphinx isn’t aging well..The problem is when I wrote this down as a note, I didn’t write down what exactly made me feel that way and if I can guess what it was..Perhaps it was type hints not really being natively supported..Or the overall feel of a tool that isn’t made for this decade (darn you my millennial-ish brain)..Maybe it was me really wanting a theme that supports both light and dark theme.. More details

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