China’s tech boom has inspired a wave of internet-related art

They are each other’s past, as well as each other’s future.” The creative, complex responses to censorship seen in work by Xu and Miao Ying give an early idea of the strange form this future might assume.  Miao Ying, Problematic GIFs courtesy of MadeIn Gallery Miao Ying’s Problematic GIFs comments on tools of censorship as they’re applied to the Chinese social messaging platform WeChat..The error screen that displays when an image fails to load is ironically presented front and center as a non-portrait, obscured by censorship and surrounded by freeze-frames of GIFs popularly used on WeChat..aaajiao, GFWlist courtesy of the artist In this installation, aaajiao hints at what might be the physical length of China’s “Great Firewall”—a sophisticated infrastructure for blocking websites and search terms—by printing out the URLs it restricts..The monotonous, serial repetition echoes the manual labor required to constantly monitor and block sensitive material, the never-­ending work of the government’s internet watchdogs..Keep up with the latest in China at EmTech Digital.Don't be left behind.March 25-26, 2019San Francisco, CA Register now. More details

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