Let’s Build a CRM in Laravel Passport: Scoping out the project

Let’s Build a CRM in Laravel Passport: Scoping out the projectWhat are we going to achieve and how are we going to do it?Richard TomsBlockedUnblockFollowFollowingDec 12The goal of this series is to get you, the junior/mid/senior developer, into the swing of using APIs and to understand how OAuth2.0 and JWT works in the best way possible — by doing it yourself.We are going to use the Laravel framework, version 5.7 and the official OAuth2.0 package, Laravel Passport..We are going to be interacting with our API using Postman (a must have for a developer using APIs).Anyway, let’s get down to business.PS I never claimed to be a graphic designer..I’m a back-end dev.The SpecificationWe have been asked by ClientsNow, to build an API that they utilise internally and also open up as an external API that can be consumed by whoever wishes to be a client.They have asked for a relatively simple structure and provided us with some domain concepts that they would like to see extending into their back-end; clients are the main resource, and each client can have multiple addresses, contact details and appointments.How will this project be useful to you?Good question, I aim to make this a learning resource that you can dive in whenever and learn something new.This project will assume that you do have some base knowledge of Laravel and its ecosystem, but with a little effort even those with little to no knowledge should be able to follow along too.I want this project to be what I needed when I was building the latest (and final) iteration of the API for my current employer..Something to show me how things should work that weren’t a copy-paste of the official documentation.I intend for every lesson to have a release on Github, so you should be able to follow along and use the source code as a reference for doing it yourself later.So, who am I and why should I be doing tutorials?I can’t say that I’m an expert in the field and this guide is going to be the next APIs you won’t hate, but I am a Computer Security graduate and the lead of the API and integration team at a FinTech SaaS based in Newport, South Wales.I have a ever-growing fascination in using APIs and using them as influence in my own day-to-day work..Each day I discover new things that can be done within the Laravel ecosystem and I want to share with whoever I can.So here I am, I hope you enjoy the series, stay tuned for more.Follow me on Medium and Twitter to stay updated on the series.. More details

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