Ben Weber

A Brief Introduction to PySparkPySpark is a great language for performing exploratory data analysis…Automated Feature Engineering for Predictive ModelingData Science for Startups: PySparkPart three of my data science for startups series now focused on Python.The End of Open AI CompetitionsFrom the founder of the StarCraft AI Competition.Deploying Keras Deep Learning Models with JavaThe Keras library provides an approachable interface to deep learning, making…Scaling Game Simulations with DataFlowDataflow is a great tool for building out scalable data pipelines, but it can also be useful…Deploying Keras Deep Learning Models with FlaskData Science for Startups: Model ServicesPart two of my data science for startups series focused on Python.Visualizing Professional StarCraft with RIt’s been almost a decade since I started data mining professional replays for…Learning A New Data Science LanguageIn the ever-changing ecosystem of data science tools, you often find yourself needing to learn…. More details

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