Modern Backend Developer in 2018

Each language has several different options, go ahead and look what options are available for the language of your choice and pick the relevant one.If you picked PHP, I would recommend you to go with Laravel or Symfony and for the micro-frameworks, go with Lumen or Slim..If you picked Node.js, there are several different options but the prominent one is Express.jsStep 12 — Practical TimeFor the practical of this step, convert the application that you made in Step 10, to use the framework that you picked..Also make sure to port everything including the tests.Step 13 — Learn a NoSQL DatabaseFirst understand what they are, how they are different from relational databases and why they are needed..There are several different options, research a little have a look and compare them for the features and differences..Some of the common options that you can pick from are MongoDB, Cassandra, RethinkDB and Couchbase..If you have to pick one, go with MongoDB.Step 14 — CachingLearn how to implement app level caching in your applications..Understand how to use Redis or Memcached and implement caching in the application that you built in Step 12.Step 15 — Creating RESTful APIsUnderstand REST and learn how to make RESTful APIs and make sure to read the part about REST from the original paper of Roy Fielding..And make sure that you are able to fight someone if they say REST is only for the HTTP APIs.Step 16 — Learn about Different Auth MethodsLearn about different Authentication and authorization methodologies..You should know what they are, how they are different and when to prefer one over the otherOAuth — Open AuthenticationBasic AuthenticationToken AuthenticationJWT — JSON Web TokensOpenIDStep 17 — Message BrokersLearn about the message brokers and understand when and why to use them..There are multiple options but the prominent ones are RabbitMQ and Kafka..Learn how to use RabbitMQ for now, if you want to pick one.Step 18 — Search EnginesAs the application grows, simple queries on your relational or NoSQL database aren’t going to cut it out and you will have to resort to a search engine..There are multiple options, each having it’s own differences.Step 19 — Learn how to use DockerDocker can facilitate you greatly in your development, whether it is replicating the same environment as production, keeping your OS clean or expediting your coding, testing or deployment.. More details

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