Data Studio with BigQuery: 2018's best practices

We don’t want that.At Google Next 18 the Developer Advocate for Data Studio — Minhaz Kazi— and I gave a talk on the best practices we’ve developed to make our favorite products work together.For example, the easiest way to avoid pushing new queries from Data Studio into BigQuery is to materialize the results of your queries into Data Studio..That’s right, once you have the BigQuery results or table you want to visualize, you can use the extract button to do so, and Data Studio will offer you an easy way to keep and refresh a copy of this data.But right now that feature is still in development, and it will be subject to certain limitations — so we also shared some other options to create an inexpensive layer between Data Studio and BigQuery.For example, you can use Google Apps Script to schedule queries, and have the results pushed to Google Cloud Storage as .csv file..In that case you can create a Data Studio community connector with Apps Script, and design your own caching logic within it.In the full talk you can see this in action with Minhaz’s example — where he created a connector that anyone can use with just a couple clicks, and they get a custom and customizable visualization — with fresh data hosted in BigQuery — without any need of coding — SQL or otherwise.In summary — if you want to connect BigQuery and Data Studio to create an interactive dashboard — and you want to make this dashboard available for everyone — remember to think about what kind of layer you want to have between BigQuery and Data Studio.. More details

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