Orhan Gazi Yalçın

Image Generation in 10 Minutes with Generative Adversarial NetworksUsing Unsupervised Deep Learning…Image Noise Reduction in 10 Minutes with Convolutional AutoencodersUsing Deep Convolutional…How I Built a Dashboard with Dash and Plotly after being stuck in Europe’s Worst Coronavirus OutbreakUsing Recurrent Neural Networks to Predict Bitcoin (BTC) PricesWouldn’t it be awesome if you were…Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Deep Learning, and GridSearchCV in Kaggle’s Titanic CompetitionImage Classification in 10 Minutes with MNIST DatasetUsing Convolutional Neural Networks to Classify…Improving Our Code to Obtain a Better Model for Kaggle’s Titanic CompetitionComplete Your First Kaggle Competition (a.


a Titanic: Machine Learning from Disaster) In Less Than 20 Lines of Code.

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