Big Announcement: 3 Free Certificate Courses in Data Science and Machine Learning by Analytics Vidhya!

An Unmissable Opportunity to Earn your Data Science Certificate Picture this – you are given the opportunity to take a high-quality course on a data science or machine learning topic(s) free of cost.

And as the icing on an already delicious offering, you will even get a certificate upon completing the course! So not only do you get to embellish your blossoming data science skillset, you get a certificate proof of your accomplishments.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, Analytics Vidhya is making this a reality in 2020! One of the most demanded features from our community, ever since we launched our popular courses platform, has been to provide certificates for our free courses.

We hear you! We are delighted to announce THREE free certificate courses on various data science and machine learning concepts – just for our community! During these uncertain times, we have seen more people flocking towards data science as a career option.

And we want to help.

  The 3 Free Certified Courses Are: Drumroll please! And here we go: Introduction to Python Getting Started with Decision Trees Getting Started with Neural Networks That’s right – we are offering three broad topics to our community.

These topics range from learning a new programming language (Python), a popular machine learning algorithm (decision trees), and a core deep learning concept (neural networks).

The Free Courses with Certification are video-based lessons with extensive exercises and a final assessment of skills to check your eligibility for offering you the Free Certificate.

Students have to complete all the lessons and pass the final assessment with 60% or more marks to be eligible for the certification.

Let’s explore each course in detail to understand the topics being covered.

  Course #1: Introduction to Python Python is the most popular programming language for data science.

Its simple syntax is user friendly and can perform all tasks from data cleaning to data modeling, without requiring us to type complex codes.

This course will help you learn and understand: Basics about Data Analysis, Data Structure, Dictionaries Python libraries like Pandas and using them efficiently for data science and data analysis Dataframes and basic operations in Python Data Manipulation and Visualization in Python Regular Expressions (RegEx), and much more! Are you ready to power up your career and learn the best data science language?            Enroll Now   Course #2: Getting Started with Neural Networks This free course by Analytics Vidhya will give you a taste of what a neural network is, how it works, what are the building blocks of a neural network, and where you can use neural networks.

The perfect course for a beginner in deep learning! The course will help you learn : Introduction to Neural Networks Activation Functions Loss Function Neural Networks on structured Data Sales Prediction Real World Use cases of Deep Learning Enroll Now!   Course #3: Getting Started with Decision Trees The Decision Tree algorithm is one of the most powerful algorithms in Machine Learning.

Decision trees are used by beginners as well as experts to build machine learning models.

This course provides you with everything about Decision Trees & their Python implementation.

This free course will cover the following topics: Introduction to Decision Tree Purity in Decision Trees Terminologies Related to Decision Trees How to Select the Best Split Point in Decision Trees Chi-Square Information Gain Reduction in Variance Optimizing Performance of Decision Trees Decision Tree Implementation Enroll Now!   Are There Any Other Free Courses Available by Analytics Vidhya? You bet! We have a whole range of free courses for you to enroll in and start learning today.

While these courses don’t offer certificates, the learning on offer is unparalled and who can say no to learning new data science concepts for free?! From machine learning algorithms to designing visualization in Tableau, we have a comprehensive range of free courses for you to choose from.

So go ahead and enroll yourself today!   If you have any questions, please feel free to connect with us or leave a comment below.

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