Victor Sim

Algorithmic Trading with RSI using Pythonwith evaluations based on profitabilityAlgorithmic Trading with MACD and Pythonwith the MACD cross strategyAn Intuitive Guide to Auto-Encoders: Theory, Code and VisualizationUsing Q-Learning to master Atari GamesAnd an introduction to Q-learning and Reinforcement LearningCreating Facial Recognition Software with Deep LearningWith Keras and TensorflowUsing Genetic Algorithms to Train Neural NetworksUsing K-means Clustering to Create Support and Resistance:Gaining an Intuition for Neural Networks from 16 lines of codeUsing Bayesian Classifiers to detect Fake NewsThere is so much fake news in circulation, it is…How to Evaluate your Stock Trading ModelHint: Don’t use traditional loss functions.

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