C Kuan

7 Numpy Tricks to Make My Code Better and SmarterTricks I wish I had known earlier7 Python Tricks to Make Your Code Better and SmarterTricks I wish I had known earlierHow to run and share your deep learning web app on Colab?Quick prototyping using Streamlit and…Audio Onset Detection: Data preparation for a baseball application using LibrosaIdentify the start…Introduction to Gradient Descent with linear regression example using PyTorchA widely used…Visualization of Air Traffic during Covid-19 PandemicExploratory data analysis of worldwide flights…Generative Adversarial Network: Build a web application that colorizes B&W photos with StreamlitColorize black and white photos by AI.

Make black and white photos colorful using Generative…Football players tracking — identifying players’ team based on their jersey colors using OpenCVHow to track football players using Yolo, SORT and Opencv.

Detect and track football players using….

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