Satyam Kumar

Exploratory Data Analysis with 1 line of Python codeOverview of Pandas-Profiling libraryFeature Engineering — deep dive into Encoding and Binning techniquesIllustration of feature encoding…Dimensionality Reduction — Can PCA improve the performance of a classification model?4 ways to Reduce Dimensionality of DataAn overview of Dimensionality Reduction methods —…Agglomerative Clustering and Dendrograms — ExplainedAn overview of agglomerative hierarchical…Hierarchical Clustering: Agglomerative and Divisive — ExplainedAn overview of agglomeration and…Pearson and Spearman Rank Correlation Coefficient — ExplainedRelationship between random variables.

StatisticsHow to Verify the Distribution of Data using Q-Q Plots?Understand Q-Q plots…Predict Missing Values in the DatasetUnderstand how to predict missing values in the dataset using a…7 Ways to Handle Missing Values in Machine LearningPopular strategies to handle missing values in the….

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