Andrej Baranovskij

Zero-Shot Text Classification with Hugging FaceThis post is about detecting text sentiment in an…My Journey to TensorFlow Certified DeveloperThis post is about how I passed TensorFlow Developer…Unsupervised Machine Learning Example in KerasAnomaly detection with autoencoders for fraudulent…Simple Machine Learning PipelineBringing together all essential parts to build a simple, but powerful…Handy TensorFlow.

js API for Client-Side ML DevelopmentTensorFlow.

js provides a rich set of API…Time-Series Prediction Beyond Test DataMany (if not all) examples related to time-series prediction…Publishing Keras Model API with TensorFlow ServingTensorFlow Serving is a high-performance serving…Getting Your Hands Dirty with TensorFlow 2.

0 and Keras APIDiving into technical details of the…Machine Learning with SQLThis post is about Machine Learning with SQL.

It makes sense to build/run…Comprehensive TensorFlow.

js ExampleThis post explains how to run Machine Learning in browser with….

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