Behic Guven

Python for Finance — The Complete Beginner’s GuideSimple and hands-on practice using Amazon Stock DataIntroduction to Python for Data ScienceSimple and interactive tutorial for beginnersBuilding a Cat Face Recognizer in PythonCan machines understand the difference between human and cat…Sorting and Subsetting in PythonHands-on Data Analysis using Pandas LibraryFree Reading Resources | Machine LearningHelpful resources to learn more about machine learning…Image Manipulation in PythonStep by step guide to commonly used image manipulation techniquesSimple Face Detection in PythonHow to detect faces in an image using OpenCV libraryConvert Text to Speech in 5 Lines of CodeLearn about areas where text to speech can be helpfulBuilding a Simple Text Recognizer in PythonHow to improve your note-taking process with a text…Building a Speech Translator in PythonTranslate your speech to many languages using Google Translate….

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