Marco Santos

How to Collect Data from any WebsiteLearn about Simple Web-Scraping with PythonData Science ConceptsWhat is the Bias-Variance Tradeoff?Explaining the Differences…Data Science ConceptsSupervised vs Unsupervised Machine LearningLooking at the…Data Science ConceptsExplaining Precision vs.

Recall to EveryoneDefining the…Data Science ConceptsFalse Positives vs.

False NegativesSimply Explaining Type I and…Data Science ConceptsDefining the P-Value for EveryoneSimply Explaining the P-valueUsing Deep Learning AI to Predict the Stock MarketForecasting Stock Prices with Neural Networks…How to Make a Website with Python and AWSUse an AWS EC2 Instance to Deploy Streamlit ApplicationsHow to Use Streamlit to Make a WebsiteUse Streamlit and Python to Make a Web Application based on a…Sorting Dating Profiles with Machine Learning and PythonUsing Clustering and Pandas to Find….

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