Data Science Tools Popularity, animated

By Greg Hamel, Writer | Machine Learning Competition Expert.

The animated plot below shows the top 10 most popular data science tools based on KDnuggets software polls from 2000 to 2019 (see list below).

KDnuggets is a leading data science and analytics blog that has collected data on data science and data mining tool popularity for the past 20 years through a series of annual user surveys.

Survey respondents were asked which data science tools they had used for projects within the past year.

Note that the values shown in the video indicate the proportion of users who used a particular data science tool within the past year.

It is possible (and common) for a respondent to report using more than one data science tool, so the sum of the tools does not need to total 100%.

Users generally reported using a wider variety of tools over time, so the values on the plot trended upward.

Video: Data Science Tools Popularity, according to KDnuggets Polls from 2000 to 2019Editor: KDnuggets did not conduct a Data Science Software Poll in 2020, but here are the results of the previous KDnuggets Polls on Analytics, Data Mining, Data Science Software: var disqus_shortname = kdnuggets; (function() { var dsq = document.

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