Jacob Moore

Python: The (unofficial) OOP crash course for (aspiring) data scientists!Classes, attributes…Deep Walk: The overlooked lovechild of NLP and graph data structuresRandom Walks and Word2Vec…Python: Genetic Algorithms and the Traveling Salesman ProblemWhat to do when — uh oh — classification…Python: Pagerank meets Sports AnalyticsRepurposing a trillion dollar algorithm for sports team…Python: Monte Carlo meets Sports AnalyticsUsing simulations to converge on tricky probability…Python: Identifying Twitter Influencers through Network AnalysisTweepy, iGraph, and some seriously…The Normal DistributionEstimating the Area Under the Curve (with Python)Recommender Systems in Python from Scratch!Implementing a gradient descent based matrix factorization…Implementing the General Tree and Depth-First-Search (DFS) in python! (from scratch)Implementing the Linked List and Selection Sort in python! (from scratch).

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