Best GIS Courses in 2020

Geographic Information Systems Analysis is the analysis of spatial relationships and patterns.

Spatial components are being ingrained into society with the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) in which more data can be connected and is likely to have a spatio-temporal component as well.

2020 saw GIS Analysis appear more frequently in the mainstream data science waves.

As a result of the coronavirus, analysts flocked to use mapping apis in a dash to visualize and provide a summary of their findings.

GIS was not a default choice for the masses in terms of data science as compared to finance, manufacturing and marketing.

   This is not a course but an instructor that offers a range of courses regarding GIS.

Mike Miller is a GIS Web programmer that provides youtube tutorials and has a range of courses available to purchase on Udemy regarding web programming for GIS Applications using technologies like php, QGIS, PostGIS and leaflet.


   Esri needs no introduction for those in the world of GIS.

Esri is the premier service provider of GIS software – ArcGIS.

Along with QGIS and CARTO, it is one of the top 3 best GIS software on the market.

One in the ESRI course website, simply filter for the free courses that are available to take.

The courses from ESRI will naturally center around using ArcGIS so you will need to obtain the software in order to take the courses.

   This course has been developed in partnership with Esri and uses ArcGIS.

Throughout the course, students can learn fundamental spatial analysis as well as Satellite Imagery Analysis.

This is offered as a beginner course.

  This course will explore the Data Science aspect of GIS and use range of technologies like QGIS, R, POSTGIS and, POSTGRESQL and Hadoop.

This course will use more open source software like QGIS and R so can be accessible by a larger crowd.

The course is aimed towards a more intermediate level of students which would require you to have taken a more basic or beginner level class to keep up.

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