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By Evelyn Johnson, blogger about technology.

As the world continues to fight the novel coronavirus, every section of the society is playing its role.

Medical professionals, law enforcement officers, and essential workers are on the frontline of this battle, while researchers, data scientists, and community leaders are also doing their part.

There has been a recent increased emphasis on how AI can boost humanity’s efforts in this on-going crisis.

Experts believe Artificial Intelligence can analyze published literature on the disease, study structure and DNA of the virus, and recommend existing drugs or find a new one (in the latter case, it would take almost two years for the drug to be approved by the FDA).

There has also been a discussion on how AI can help governments be smart about social distancing policies.

While lockdowns can prevent the spread of COVID-19, they can devastate the economy as this research by ClothingRIC demonstrates.

An AI-based approach would allow the government to monitor the population movement, identify vulnerable communities, and implement social distancing without closing down the economy.

  The entire debate surrounding AI’s role in combating the virus is constantly evolving.

Some YouTubers are providing us a glimpse into the world where AI can be humanity’s best weapon against COVID-19.

Here’s are some AI channels that are a necessary viewing for anyone pinning their hopes on AI in these trying times.


    LexFridmanLex Fridman is a known voice for human-centered AI.

The MIT professor has been on Joe Rogan’s podcast multiple times, and his channel on YouTube has garnered more than 19 million views.

He hosts his own aptly named Artificial Intelligence podcast, which has guests such as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins.



com/watch?v=CwyOUS8TSl0As someone who has advocated for human-robot collaboration, Lex Fridman’s voice carries great weight in the current scenario.

His podcast with Dmitry Korkin, a researcher in Disease Informatics, is a must-listen for anyone that desires insight on the coronavirus pandemic.



AICountries around the world are trying to curtail coronavirus by reducing human-to-human contact.

In this environment, robotics has once again taken center stage.

  Futurists believe robots doing essential work during the pandemic can save a great number of lives.


AI brings the latest videos of AI-powered machinery from all over the globe.

The demonstrations of self-driving cars and caregiver robots demonstrate a potential solution to the current crisis.


    Raj RameshRaj Ramesh has been explaining AI-specific issues since 2011.

With crafty doodle videos, this channel explores subjects such as deep learning, computer vision, architecture, and business.

One of Raj’s recent videos lays out a map for effective decision-making in the context of the prevailing crisis.

It’s an insightful video that creates a framework powered by AI, which could prove to be a viable strategy in containing the coronavirus.


    The Medical FuturistDr.

Bertalan Mesko is a Ph.


in genomics.

His channel, The Medical Futurist, highlights the future of healthcare, which continues to be reshaped by disruptive technologies.

The collaboration of AI and medicine is one of the core subjects covered on his channel.

The Medical Futurist has a unique set of expertise that makes him an important YouTuber in a coronavirus-effected world.

  With the fight against coronavirus entering into a critical stage, AI can be a great weapon of choice for humanity.

Algorithms can help in devising the best treatments for the sick people and stop further spread by helping governments apply social distancing more strategically.

Platforms such as YouTube amplify the debate on AI’s effectiveness against coronavirus.

By following AI content creators on this site, netizens can not only gain a fresh perspective on Artificial Intelligence but also learn of its efficacy in the face of a global pandemic.

 Bio: Evelyn Johnson is a writer by day and a reader by night, Im a blogger and content marketer.

I started my career as a junior writer in an Ad agency but over time my passion for food and travel grew so much that I started writing my own articles and blogs and get them posted on major websites.

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