Rhea Moutafis

OPINIONBye-bye Python.

Hello Julia!As Python’s lifetime grinds to a halt, a hot new…How use the Coronavirus crisis to kickstart your Data Science careerGoogle, Amazon & Co.

are hiring…SQL for absolute beginnersUse your time in lockdown to fresh up your database knowledgeDon’t believe any numbers on CoronavirusThe science-backed reason why official COVID-data is fake —…OpinionWhy Python is not the programming language of the futureEven though it will be…It’s time to get a PhD in CoronavirusThere are actual online courses for Corona-knowledge, from…Why we are definitely NOT over-hyping coronavirusBy the numbers11 best Data Science classes if you’re locked home because of CoronavirusKickstart your career…7 Reasons why programmers burn outAnd 7 ways to fix it7 Lessons that every Business Leader needs to learn from Software EngineersIt’s not about being a….

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