The Four Stages of the Data Journey (and how to get ahead)

Where is your organization on the data journey? Most of us are steadily moving toward the cloud, with most businesses planning to migrate to the cloud or expand their cloud footprint within a few years.

But how do you get where you want to go? In this new whitepaper, “The Four Stages of the Data Journey (and how to get ahead)“, our friends over at Matillion, the cloud-native platform for all your data integration, take a look at the different stages of the end-to-end journey and learn what it takes to get to the next level: Cloud Discovery – At this stage, your organization may still have your data in on-premises data warehouses.

But you are thinking ahead to the cloud.

Cloud Data Migration – At this stage, you’re committed to the cloud.

You’ve chosen a cloud service provider and probably a cloud data warehouse.

But where is your data?Cloud Data Maturity – At this stage, you’re a relatively old hand at working with data in the cloud.

Your goal: Move faster and do more.

Cloud Data Leader – You aren’t just a cloud data veteran; you are leading the pack.

How far can you go? Download the new white paper courtesy of Matillion to explore four important stages for how an enterprise is able to plan their data journey with: questions to consider, main drivers, barriers and concerns, timeline, and getting to the next stage.


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