Can Java Be Used for Machine Learning and Data Science?

By Malcom Ridgers, BairesDev Machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence have been some of the most talked-about technologies in recent years, and rightfully so.

These advancements in the world of tech have taken automation and business processes to the next level.

Organizations of all sizes are investing millions of dollars into research and people to build these incredibly powerful data-driven applications.

There are many different programming languages that are applicable for use to develop machine learning and data science applications.

While Python and R have become favorites for building these programs, many organizations are turning to Java application development to meet their needs.

From enterprise-level business solutions and navigation systems to mobile phones and applications, Java is applicable to nearly every area of technology.

In the early ’90s, a Canadian computer scientist named James Gosling and his team created Java while employed by Sun Microsystems (owned by Oracle).

Over 20 years later, Java is still among the top-ranked and most lucrative programming languages used today.

   Java is the invisible force behind many of the devices and applications used on a daily basis and power everyday lives.

Not only is it possible to use Java for machine learning and data science application development, but it is also the preferred option by many developers for a number of reasons, including:Java is an incredibly useful, speedy, and reliable programming language that helps development teams build a multitude of projects.

From data mining and data analysis to the building of Machine Learning applications, Java is more than applicable to the field of data science.

It’s one of the most preferred languages for these tasks and has plenty of reasons why.

If you’re about to tackle a machine learning project, consider using it.

You’ll be surprised how much you can get out of it.

  Bio: Malcom Ridgers is a tech expert specializing in the software outsourcing industry.

He has access to the latest market news and has a keen eye for innovation and whats next for technology businesses.

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