Nathan Lambert

3 skills to master before reinforcement learning (RL)You need to be able to train neural networks…Crisp python plots based on visualization theoryIt’s time to upgrade from Matplotlib to Plotly —…Convergence of Reinforcement Learning AlgorithmsAre there any simple bounds one can put on…Fundamental Iterative Methods of Reinforcement LearningHow much can you master of reinforcement…Machine Learning Engineer versus Software EngineerWhat is the difference between these two roles and…How to make AI more useful in an PandemicWhat is limiting the magic of deep learning from helping with testing, prediction, and…Bias-Variance Tradeoff — Fundamentals of Machine LearningThe hidden linear algebra of reinforcement learningDesign Optimization with Ax in PythonHumans are terrible at jointly optimizing nonlinear, high-dimensional functions.

It’s a fact…When the Pope talks AIYou should listen.


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