Antoine Soetewey

The complete guide to clustering analysisk-means and hierarchical clustering by hand and in RAn efficient way to install and load R packagesR packages can be installed several ways.

 Find…Do my data follow a normal distribution?A note on the most widely used distribution and how to test…Fisher’s exact test in R: independence test for a small sampleIndependence tests are used to…Chi-square test of independence by handChi-square tests of independence test whether two qualitative…Chi-square test of independence in RThis article explains how to perform the Chi-square test of…RStudio addins, or how to make your coding life easierRStudio addins are extensions which provide a…How to create a timeline of your CV in RA CV timeline illustrates key information about your…Descriptive statistics in RThis article explains how to compute the main descriptive statistics in R…Tips and tricks in RStudio and R MarkdownIf you have the chance to work with an experienced….

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