WiDS Mysore

Getting started with kaggleKaggle is the world’s largest data science community to help you achieve your data science goals.

Kaggle has…Python Refresher — Loops and FunctionsThis tutorial is a brief introduction to loops and Functions in pythonPython Refresher — Data StructuresThis article covers some of the fundamental data structures in python namely lists , dict , tuples…Visualizing Categorical DataThe two main categories of categorical data are nominal and ordinal.

Feature SelectionFeature selection, the process of finding and selecting the most useful features in a dataset, is a crucial step of the machine…Categorical Encoding TechniquesEncoding categorical features in to numerical values remains the most…Getting started with Jovian.

ml-The platform for all your Data Science projectsSolving WiDS 2020 datathon challenge using H2O’s GBMThe challenge is to create a model that uses data…Handling Missing ValuesHandling the missing values is one of the greatest challenges faced by…Surival Prediction using Tensorflow 2.

0The challenge is to create a model that uses data from the….

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