When The PHP DateTime Object is Too PreciseDo you really know what is a date and time? Let’s deep dive into these concepts.

Comment AssoConnect onboarde ses recrues“Welcome on board, thank you for choosing our company!”Update your MySQL Schema & a Million Rows Headache-free: Part 2Update your MySQL Schema & a Million Rows Headache-free: Part 1Technical workshop at AssoConnectLock 4 people up in the same room and pick each other’s brains for 1.

5 hours.

This is the recipe for…Using PhraseApp with Symfony 4In this article, you will learn how to use PhraseApp with Symfony 4 and how Symfony’s domains can work with PhraseApp’s tags.

One of our summer projects at AssoConnect is to make our code translatable.

Right now there are only French strings all over…Using MJML email templates with SymfonyIn this article we will learn how to use MJML with Symfony and Twig to make beautiful responsive emails that work with every client.

How to use persistent connections with Redis for Symfony Cache with PHP-FPMIn this article, we will learn why using persistent connections is a good practice and how to setup Symfony framework to use persistent connections on a Redis server.

Ca commence par nous.

Parce qu’il faut bien commencer quelque part, commençons par notre pas de porte.

Dealing with deadlocks on INSERT requestsWe will explain in this article how we found out about deadlocks on INSERT requests and….

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