Adam Warski

Happy eyeballs algorithm using ZIOA great example on how structured concurrency and high-level…Will Project Loom obliterate Java Futures?Project Loom has three main goals: introducing…Testing Doobie programsTesting Doobie, one of the most popular Scala libraries to work with…ZIO environment meets constructor-based dependency injectionMigrating to sttp client 2.

x and tapir 0.


xSummary of the changes in new releases of sttp client…Working with HTTP in PolynoteExploring some data using sttp client in a polynote notebookWebsockets in Scala using sttpOne feature missing from sttp for a long time was support for websockets.

With the development of sttp 2…sttp2: an overview of proposed changessttp: the Scala HTTP client you always wanted! And now it’s getting even better :)From @Transactional to type-safe, reasonable transactionsBootzooka 2019: functional Scala and ReactBootzooka is a template project for a Scala-based microservice, or a Scala+React web….

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