Dilan K Jayasekara

Becoming a Data Scientist (Zero to hero checklist)10 Steps for people who want to pursue a career in…How did I become a Data Scientist in Australia?Finding a job in Melbourne as an International StudentVisualizing annual sales change using a Waterfall Chart in Python with Plotly.

Because waterfalls are…Rocker (R+Docker) to containerize an application consist of both R-Shiny and Python LibrariesCreating interactive dashboards in R Shiny using Python scripts as the backend.

Why is it always R v…How to deploy a Docker Container (Python) on Amazon ECS using Amazon ECRDeveloping applications…Face Detection with Deep Learning using Multi Tasked Cascased CNNDetecting faces in a photograph is…Face Detection model on Webcam using PythonFace detection is a computer technology that is being applied for many different…Statistical Sentiment-Analysis for Survey Data using PythonSurvey’s play the main part when receiving…Mapping Australian Geograph Data in PythonBeing a data scientist has a lot of perks and my favorite….

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