Terence Shin

How to Evaluate Your Machine Learning Models with Python Code!Use these methods to ensure that you’ve…Learn Beginner SQL in 5 steps in 5 minutes!Learn the most in-demand skill in the tech industry!More Microsoft Data Science Interview Questions and AnswersAnother walkthrough of some data science…An Intuitive Explanation of Gradient DescentOne of the most widely used machine learning algorithms…My Random Forest Model after Seven Weeks of Learning Data ScienceA Step by Step walkthrough of my…Basic Statistics You NEED to Know for Data ScienceFundamental statistic concepts to get you started…An Extensive Step by Step Guide to Exploratory Data AnalysisMy personal guide to performing EDA for…Linear Regression Explained in 5 MinutesArguably the most fundamental machine learning model…Microsoft Data Science Interview Questions and Answers!A walkthrough of some data science questions…All Machine Learning Models Explained in 6 MinutesIntuitive explanations of the most popular machine….

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